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With the multitude of online dating sites available these days, it can be difficult sorting out the legit from the scams. Fortunately, with a bit of research, common sense and patience, finding the right Internet dating service doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark or a huge investment of time and money. Connecting with a potential romantic interest through a website service can be a great experience for many singles if you remember a few simple tips that can increase your chances of finding love.

First, you need to establish exactly what your relationship goals are. Make a list if you’re still not sure to help you narrow down your site options. Are you looking for a casual connection, long term or special niche relationship? Knowing exactly what you want and outlining these interests and standards is going to help you begin selecting dating sites that are relevant to what you’re looking for and save you the hassle of wading through services that won’t fit your needs.

Once you’ve got your goals outlined and you’re ready to start looking at online dating sites, don’t just jump headlong into the first couple you come across. There are plenty of legit options available, but there are almost as many shady, borderline-scam services that are designed to get as much money or personal information from you as possible. This is where you’ll be doing a bit of homework; read reviews about the different Internet relationship companies and websites, check any commentary about those sites you come across, and if at all possible, ask friends and family who have had online relationship experience to give you some insight. Also, there are plenty of free trials and discounts available for certain companies, so trying out several before actually subscribing is another great way to finding the right place.

Finally, no matter which match-making service you try, always stay safe and use common sense. Some sites offer optional privacy filters and it can be a good idea to use these until you better get to know a potential partner. Other companies do not offer these filters, so be sure not to put too much private and personal information on your profile no matter how trustworthy a person comes across; the risks of having a romantic connection through emails or other online means are just as real as conventional relationship methods.

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